Sulfuric Acid Storage Tanks that Last

Use the Best Material for the Job!

Sulfuric Acid to 98% Concentration
HDLPE resins #880046, natural in color, 1.9 specific gravity, 600 psi, meets ASTM standards and Snyder Industries provides a Full 3 Year Warranty for storage at ambient temperatures.

Specify the correct tank material - one that you can depend on - a material that has been proven to be the best overall for the storage of Sulfuric Acid.

The resin that Snyder recommends is a true high density linear resin. Unlike other tank manufacturers, who try to achieve the same results using a laminated Linear Low Density liner in an XLPE tank, Snyder uses the better material for the whole tank, providing much higher tensile strength and chemical resistance.

Additional advantages over lined tanks:

  • You don't have the potential problems of total coverage of the laminated linear material over the XLPE material during processing.
  • Delmination as a result of the constant filling and emptying processes associated with storage tanks in general.

The high density linear resin that Snyder uses provides:

  • the best chemical barrier.
  • the best chemical resistance.
  • the best tank life.
  • And, is repairable by welding if the tank is ever damaged.

Don't let the wrong tank material leave you open to chemical attack!

Sulfuric Acid ≤98% (ambient) -
Tank Material: HDLPE #880046
Fitting Material: CPVC
Gasket Material: Viton
Bolt Material: Hastelloy


Single Wall Tanks


Double Wall Tanks


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